Morgan *(detail)

My work repurposes magazine pages in order to isolate symbolic meaning and strengthen aesthetic elements.  Images originally born from our hyper-commercialized society are reclaimed, interwoven, re-contextualized and secured with archival quality acrylic gel medium - creating a meticulous new meaning.  Drawing from the traditions of narrative and allegory in classical painting, political propaganda and religious iconography, it attempts to provide an account of the present tense through a retooled assessment of our supersaturated visual vocabulary.  By utilizing design elements to assess both instant and long term psychological effects of exposure to media sign inundation, the work is an examination of subconscious image recognition, as well as an identification of the benefactors of such a system.  Playful at times, this anthropological quality cooks up its own theories on literal associative understanding. These completely reborn images explore how memories and specifically visual associations sway the emphasis of meaning in storytelling.  

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